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It’s been said that there’s no business like show business. Do you love the movies? Have a deep passion for the art, science or business of filmmaking? Always wanted to see your name in lights (or your name responsible for lighting work)? If this sounds like you, then a career in multimedia/entertainment and filmmaking might be your ideal role. This program explains the ins-and-outs and behind-the-scenes details of videography, including the newest developments in drone and Go-Pro camera work. It’s centered around a series of fun, exciting and illuminating filmmaking projects, so you’ll always find yourself in the middle of the action.

What You'll Learn

From 10th grade upward, enroll in A-G approved courses to start preparing for your career in the multimedia/entertainment industry. Classes include:

  • CTE Con Filmmaking
  • CTE Cap Digital Video Production Honors

What You’ll Do

Take what you’re learning in the classroom into the real world and experience for yourself all that awaits you in the fast-moving and always-interesting multimedia/entertainment industry. Immersive and insightful experiences include:

  • Technical instruction in all phases of videography
  • Skill-specific project work
  • Industry-standard software training
  • Field trips to companies such as Paramount Studios

Who You Can Be

Kickstart your career path with top-tier academic instruction and industry-leader insights. The Filmmaking program prepares you for potential careers such as:

  • Actor
  • Screenwriter
  • Producer
  • Animator
  • Media Production
  • Sound Engineer
  • Editing Engineer
  • Camera Operator
  • Drone Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Marketing/Communications

Industry Average Wages: $21,000–$136,500

Projected Industry Growth: 7%

What You Need to Know

VUSD’s Filmmaking CTE track prepares students for successful careers in the multimedia/entertainment industry, which includes a wide range of jobs both in front of and behind the camera. This project-based course provides students (grades 10 and up) with technical instruction and practical experience in all phases of videography. Projects are designed to give students skills that may be used by a hobbyist — as well as a professional in the realms of business or entertainment. Students work within all phases of development: pre-production, production and post-production. Students are instructed in composition skills, the use of various camera equipment (including drones and Go-Pros), sound equipment, lighting equipment and stagecraft and backdrops. Students also learn core competencies in industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and After Effects. Guest speakers from the industry occasionally visit the classroom and share their experiences and the development of their particular careers — creating a better understanding of how students can apply their classroom experiences and knowledge to a move into one of a myriad of career opportunities in the media arts field. There’s also illuminating field trips to star-making companies such as Paramount Studios and Black Magic Designs. Students emerge from this information- and experience-rich program with enhanced skills, knowledge, confidence and direct faccess to VUHD’s Filmmaking pathway.

College Credits

Get a jump start on your college future by earning college credits and valuable real-world skills you can use for college and career.

2 Year

AA Television Media - Oxnard College

4 Year

BA Cinema and Television - Cal State Northridge