Start prepping NOW for your dream job or work-anywhere trade skills!

Learn to Take a Product from Dream to Design to Market — and More

We are living in the era of the entrepreneur. Do you dream of launching and growing your own business? Are you interested in learning all about manufacturing — including the marketing and sales end of the funnel? Do you long to be your own boss? If this sounds like you, then you might want to start building a thriving career in design technology and entrepreneurship. This multi-layered, deeply-connected program offers curious and strong-minded students an entryway into both a valuable college degree and a rewarding career path. It’s a great way to learn all about product design and manufacturing — including how to create and develop your own individual dreams and plans.

What You'll Learn

From 10th grade upward, enroll in courses (all but are DTech Survey and ROP Entrepreneurship are A-G approved) to start preparing for your career in the manufacturing industry. Classes include:

  • CTE Cap Advance Design Studio
  • CTE Con Design Tech Survey

What You’ll Do

Take what you’re learning in the classroom into the real world and experience for yourself all that awaits you in the ever-evolving manufacturing industry. Immersive and insightful experiences include:

  • Manufacturing tool and design software skill development
  • Entrepreneurial and leadership skill development
  • Field trips to businesses such as LinkedIn, Channel Islands Surfboard Factory, JPL, DWG Drums, Procore, and SCOSCHE Industries
  • Guest speakers

Who You Can Be

Kickstart your career path with top-tier academic instruction and industry-leader insights. The DTech program prepares you for potential careers such as:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Machinist
  • Engineer
  • CAD
  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Owner

Industry Average Wages: $50,000+

Projected Industry Growth: 2%

What You Need to Know

VUSD’s DTech CTE track offers students (10th grade and up) a fast-track to a degree and career in the manufacturing industry, with opportunities to also build strong product marketing and entrepreneurial skills. Through this Foothill Technology High School-based program, students learn a wide range of skills — including how to use advanced manufacturing tools and design software to produce valuable products to sell to real clients in the real world. Students become intimately familiar with the entire product development path, from idea to production to sales. Featuring a variety of available classes, this diverse program presents students with an opportunity to become budding entrepreneurs in today’s hyper-competitive and constantly-shifting business landscape. Five unique courses are available through this program: DTech Survey; AP 2D Art; AP Computer Science; Honors Structured Programming; and ROP Entrepreneurship (CAPSTONE). Each course offers a head start on a college degree and a direct entryway to VUSD’s DTech academy, and Honors Structured Programming is articulated with the CSU/UC system to offer 4 college credits. Through this program and its extensive connections, students will enjoy the opportunity to get an up-close, hands-on look at standout businesses such as Channel Islands Surfboard Factory, LinkedIn, JPL, Procore, DWG Drums, NewCo Foundation, and SCOSCHE Industries.

College Credits

Get a jump start on your college future by earning college credits and valuable real-world skills you can use for college and career.

2 Year

AS Manufacturing - Ventura College

4 Year

BS Industrial Engineer - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo