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It’s a big, wide world out there. Chock full of opportunity. Do you have a love for creativity, art, expression, design and printing? Enjoy experimenting with drones and Go-Pro cameras? Maybe you’re fascinated by aerial video and photography? Perhaps you want to work for yourself in an entrepreneurial capacity? If this sounds like you, then a career in commercial design, production, aerial photography or entrepreneurship might be just your speed. By offering a wide range of activities, insights, techniques and experiences, this program presents a unique and invaluable opportunity to get a high-flying start on your dream career.

What You'll Learn

From 10th grade upward, enroll in A-G approved courses to start preparing for your career in the arts, media and entertainment industry. Classes include:

  • CTE Intro to Digital Media Arts and Communications
  • CTE Con Graphic Production Technologies
  • CTE Cap Aerial Video Photography

What You’ll Do

Take what you’re learning in the classroom into the real world and experience for yourself all that awaits you in the fast-moving and ever-evolving fields of arts, media, entertainment and photography. Hands-on, immersive experiences include:

  • Printing on a variety of objects, car wraps, etc.
  • Creation of an online portfolio of work
  • Leadership roles and opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Tours of local businesses
  • Guest lectures from local professionals

Who You Can Be

Kickstart your career path with top-tier academic instruction and industry-leader insights. The Commercial Design and Video program prepares you for potential careers such as:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Photographer
  • Drone Operator
  • Videographer
  • Director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Owner
  • Advertising/Marketing Professional

Industry Average Wages: $36,280-$52,110

Projected Industry Growth: -4%

What You Need to Know

VUSD’s Commercial Design and Video CTE track prepares students for successful careers in the entertainment and arts industries, with a particular focus on the disciplines of graphic production, design and aerial video photography. Students (10th grade and up) in the program are grounded in the fundamentals of art, and also learn an array of graphic production skills, techniques and tools — including actual output and dye sublimation on a variety of objects, color printing on vinyl, car wrap and paper. Students will also produce online work that results in a personal portfolio that can then be showcased to potential employers. The ROP Aerial Video Photography CAPSTONE course teaches students advanced photography and videography skills, including the operation of drones and Go-Pro cameras and technology. The program is based at Pacific High School and leads directly to VUSD’s Graphic Production Technologies and Design, Visual and Media Arts pathways. Students emerge from this program with enhanced skills, insight, perspective, confidence and leadership skills.

College Credits

Get a jump start on your college future by earning college credits and valuable real-world skills you can use for college and career.

2 Year

AA Digital Design - Moorpark College

4 Year

BA Studio Art - CSU Channel Islands