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Turn Your Green Thumb into a Budding Career and Plant Seeds for Success

It’s a big, colorful, wide world out there. Some are more inclined to dig into it than others. Are you blessed with a green thumb? Do you love spending time in the great outdoors? Do you count the flowers, plants, and trees amongst your friends? If this sounds like you, then you might want to plant the seeds for a fruitful career in agriculture business. This multi-layered, deeply-connected pathway offers outdoors-inclined and plant-loving students an entryway into both a valuable college degree and a rewarding career path. It’s a great way to shine some light on a bright future in the business of agriculture.

What You'll Learn

From 9th grade upward, enroll in A-G approved courses to start preparing for your career in the agriculture industry. Classes include:

  • CTE Intro Ag Bio Earth Science
  • CTE Con Landscape
  • CTE Cap Commercial Floral Design

What You’ll Do

From 9th grade upward, enroll in A-G approved courses to start preparing for your career in the agriculture industry. Classes include:

  • Agriculture Biology
  • Agriculture Business Management
  • Floral Design
  • Landscape Design

Who You Can Be

Kickstart your career path with top-tier academic instruction and industry-leader insights. The Agriculture Business Pathway prepares you for potential careers such as:

  • Floral Designer
  • Landscape Designer
  • Garden Center Employee
  • Seed Company Employee
  • Tree Company Employee
  • Landscape Maintenance Professional

Industry Average Wages: $71,160

Projected Industry Growth: -6%

What You Need to Know

VUSD’s Agriculture Business Pathway offers students (9th grade and up) a fast-track to college courses in agriculture business and entry-level careers in agriculture, with a particular focus on the floral and horticultural sectors. This rich, rewarding pathway comprises four unique courses: Agriculture Biology, Agriculture Business Management, Floral Design, and Landscape Design. It provides a strong start towards an Associates degree, and each of the courses is also articulated with Ventura College to offer college credits. Through this program and its extensive connections, students will enjoy the opportunity to get an up-close, hands-on look at standout local businesses such as Mayesh Wholesale Floral Supply, The Growing Company Flower Shop, Sweet Peas Flower Shop, Ventura Water, Hatfield Orchids, Greenthumb International, Floral Supply Syndicate, Cal Leather, California Association of Nurserymen, and more. Via the deep diversity of this pathway, students can prepare for a wide range of careers, including floral designer, landscape designer, garden center employee, seed company employee, tree company employee, landscape maintenance professional, and more.

College Credits

Get a jump start on your college future by earning college credits and valuable real-world skills you can use for college and career.

2 Year

AS Agriculture - Ventura College

4 Year

BS Agriculture - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo