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Build a Strong Foundation in the Healthcare Industry…and More

Now more than ever, we rely on the medical field and all who work within it. Do you have a deep desire to help others? Have you dreamed of helping people live healthier, more secure lives? Maybe your passion is for pets and animals’ well-being? If this sounds like you, then you might want to start learning the skills needed to thrive in today’s medical and healthcare industries. This multi-layered, deeply-connected pathway offers students an entryway into both a valuable college degree and a rewarding career path. It’s a great way to build the strong foundation needed to excel in this rewarding yet challenging field today…and well into the future.

What You'll Learn

During 11th and 12th grade, enroll in A-G approved courses to start preparing for your career in the medical industry. Classes include:

  • CTE Con Medical Technology Honors
  • Medical Health Careers (MHC) Anatomy and Physiology Honors

What You’ll Do

Take what you’re learning in the classroom into the real world and experience for yourself all that awaits you in the medical industry. Immersive and insightful experiences include:

  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • Field trips to colleges and hospitals
  • Entrée to Employment dinners

Who You Can Be

Kickstart your career path with top-tier academic instruction and industry-leader insights. The Patient Care Pathway prepares you for potential careers such as:

  • Nurse (RN)
  • Doctor
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Physical Therapist (PT)
  • Physician Assistant (PA)
  • Medical Billing/Office Professional
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Veterinarian

Industry Average Wages: $35,000-$220,000

Projected Industry Growth: 15%

What You Need to Know

VHS’s Patient Care Pathway offers 11th and 12th-grade students a fast-track to degrees and careers in the fast-paced, reward-rich medical and healthcare industries. This pathway comprises of two unique courses: Honors Medical Technology and Medical Health Careers (MHC) Anatomy and Physiology Honors. Students in this program will build a strong foundation in medical terminology, pre-hospital care, First Aid and CPR certification, microbiology, hematology, public health, and human anatomy and physiology. These courses have been designed to successfully prepare students for any field of study in medicine. Students. Thanks to the deep diversity of this pathway, students can prepare for a wide range of careers, including nurse (RN), doctor, certified nursing assistant (CNA), physical therapist (PT), physician assistant (PA), athletic trainer, medical billing and officer professional, veterinarian, and more.

College Credits

Get a jump start on your college future by earning college credits and valuable real-world skills you can use for college and career.

2 Year

RN - Ventura College

4 Year

BS Nursing- CSU Channel Islands